Since 2003 Arecont has been a pioneering leader in the IP Camera Industry.


Year after year, Arecont raises the performance bar in megapixel camera technology. Arecont has been first to market with many ground breaking technologies and camera performances. The result is ever increasing image quality.

The Arecont Surround Series cameras deliver exceptional 180 and 360 degree views that are ideal for viewing large areas such as parking lots, warehouses and factories.

Each Arecont Surround Series camera is made up of 4 individual cameras.

  • The 180 degree view camera is comprised of 4, 45 degree angle view lens cameras to create a 180 degree view.
  • The 360 degree view camera is comprised of 4, 90 degree angle view cameras to create a 360 degree view.

SurroundVideo_FamilyBoth the 180 degree and 360 degree view cameras are available in a variety of models and options including image sizes of:

  • 8 megapixel
  • 12 megapixel
  • 20 megapixel
  • and soon to be released 40 megapixel model

Other options available for both 180 degree and 360 degree view cameras includes:

  • Color image sensor
  • Day/night image sensor
  • Wide Dynamic Range technology
  • Heaters and fans for outdoor operations
  • Wall mount, pole mount and other mount types

When less is more

There are situations where more pixels does not equate to better image quality. Under certain conditions, fewer pixels will deliver the best image quality. Contact us to learn more about when less is more.

All lenses are not created equal

Optics plays a very big role in image quality. Many Arecont camera models do not come with a built-in integrated lens. Careful consideration should be given to matching the lens with the camera.

Point-to-point wireless Arecont cameras as alternative to hardwired

When mounting Arecont cameras in locations such as on poles in parking lots, it may be most efficient to power the cameras locally but send the video via a point-to-point wireless link. This can save significant amounts of time and expense compared to trenching. Radius Vision has high level wireless technologies expertise on staff.

Contact us to learn more.