Describe Your Project and Requirements for a Satellite Camera System

The more information that you provide, the quicker and better our recommendations will be.
  • What are your expectations for a Satellite camera system?
  • If you have a system design that you are considering, please describe in detail each device and where each device is located and how the devices are connected to each other.
  • Do you expect cameras to operate in zero light conditions? If there is very low light or zero light, and you expect cameras to operate at night, you may need to use cameras with built in infrared (IR) lighting for relatively short distances (up to 100') or add separate LED lighting systems for longer distances. LED lighting systems may be infrared light, white light or hybrid. LED lighting can be IP controllable. Note: hybrid system uses the IR light for cameras to operate, with white light activated when camera detects intruder, or white light can be set to strobe to warn away intruders. Please describe:
  • Are you interested in any of the following options?