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If you order additional prox tags for your existing system, you will need to program them to the system yourself. Typically, the first new tag would be your #11 tag since we send 10 programmed tags with every new system that orders a prox tag reader, so when it comes to typing in the name of the tag I go with the format of “Tag 11” and so on. When naming a tag below, if you make an error, you can backspace and erase by pressing the CLR key. To type a blank space, press the #1 key once.

The system will let you know if you have reached the maximum number of 20 tags and/or codes. The way we typically set up your system, there is room for a total of 18 prox tags.

Here are the steps to follow to program in new prox tags:

Wake up the keypad and press the right arrow to go to Access Level 1, press OK then press the right arrow key until it says Access Level : 3, press OK , enter your 4-digit code then OK and you will then be at Access Level 3. Press the right arrow until you see Badges Access Codes, press OK and you will see Enter A Badge/Code. Press OK, it will say Badge Or Code. Now hold your new prox tag over the grey eye icon located left of the keys on the keypad and watch the LCD display change to Name Of Badge: Using the keypad type in “Tag 11” (or whatever number is the next tag for your system) and then press OK. The display will say Enter A Badge/Code, press OK and it will say Badge Or Code, hold the next prox tag over the grey eye icon again and repeat the process above. When all prox tags have been programmed press and hold the ESC/NO key until the display goes back to the Time, Date, Disarmed LVL:3 screen and you are done.

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