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Concerned about discontinued support for the Videofied product?

We can fix that.
Video Verified System in ActionWe’ve been receiving calls from customers like you who have learned that security system providers like Bay Alarm will no longer be selling, servicing or supporting Videofied. They are choosing to take this step to avoid the issue that will arise as both AT&T and T-Mobile stop supporting 3G technology. (AT&T planned to shut down their 3G network around late February 2022, while T-Mobile will continue support until around the beginning of July 2022.)

From our customers’ reports, providers are indicating that the manufacturer of Videofied is responsible for discontinuing service, which is not true.

Is there a simple fix so Videofied customers can continue using their systems?

Yes. If you purchased a system before January 1, 2020, you mostly likely are using a 3G panel. If you want to continue using the same system, it can be updated with a 4G, or LTE, panel.

We can help you make that switch to LTE service with a minimum of hassle. Plus, we can provide exceptional service and support that will equal or surpass the service from your existing dealer. We can also provide you with central station monitoring service.

To learn more about upgrading your 3G panel and what we can do for you, call Jim Flick directly at 206.300.9954 or send an email to

What are all the options for dealing with an unsupported 3G system?

  1. Do nothing. Once your 3G panel quits working, you will no longer have a functioning video verified alarm system to protect your assets. It may take weeks or months to get a new LTE panel installed, due to potential parts shortages. Doing nothing is risky.
  2. Upgrade your 3G control panel with a new LTE control panel. Eliminate the possibility of having your system cease to function when you least expect it. We will send you a new LTE panel to replace your older 3G panel. It can be installed in an hour or two, depending on the total number of devices to be programmed in. This method will ensure that your system is ready to be armed and working the same day you receive your new LTE panel. You won’t have any downtime and your site stays protected.

What will an LTE upgrade cost?

We have a cost-effective solution to keep your video verified alarm system working and protecting your job site.

System upgrade pricing ranges from $1500 to $1800 per system, depending on which system you are currently using.

And if you would also like to work with us for central station monitoring, our service is $149 per month, with NO contract required.

What is your recommendation for customers currently using Videofied systems with 3G panels?

We highly recommend that you upgrade ASAP so that your system will continue to protect your assets without interruption. Acting quickly is important to reduce any possible wait times on new LTE panels.

Jim FlickContact us today for information on upgrading your 3G panel. We can also talk to you about providing service and support for your central station monitoring needs. There’s no obligation; we’ll walk you through your options in more detail and answer any questions you may have. Call Jim Flick at 206.300.9954 or email

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