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About AXIS Q87 Series

Q87 Thermal PTZ
About Q87 Series

  • AXIS Q8721-E 60mm
  • AXIS Q8722-E 35mm
  • AXIS Q8722-E 60mm

Dual Head Thermal and Visual PTZ Cameras.

Detect humans up to 3000′ in zero light.

Q60 Series PTZ
About Q60 Series

  • Q6045-E
  • Q6045-C
  • Q6044-E
  • Q6044-C
  • Q6042-E
  • Q6042-C

Q6045-E can read license plates at 900′

P55 Series PTZ

About P55 Series

  • P5512-E

With low power requirement of 15.6 watts, the P5512-E is a good choice for Solar Powered projects

P54 Series PTZ
  • P5414-E
  • P5415-E
M50 Series PTZ
About M50 Series


  • M5013-E
  • M5014
  • M5014-E
Q19 Thermal Fixed
About Q19 Series

  • Q1910-E 13mm, 17°
  • Q1921-E 10mm, 51°
  • Q1921-E 19mm, 28°
  • Q1921-E 35mm, 16°
  • Q1921-E 60mm, 9°
  • Q1922-E 10mm, 57°
  • Q1922-E 19mm, 32°
  • Q1922-E 35mm, 18°
  • Q1922-E 60mm, 10°
  • Q1931-E 7mm, 50°
  • Q1931-E 13mm, 28°
  • Q1931-E 35mm, 10°
  • Q1931-E 60mm, 6°

Q1922-E 60mm can detect humans at 5000’+ in zero light.

P13 Series Fixed
About P13 Series

  • P1357-E
  • P1355-E
  • P1354-E
  • P1353-E

P13 series are AXIS top of the line in fixed cameras, with lightfinder technology, P-Iris control and 3 year warranty.

Q16 Series Fixed
About Q16 Series

  • Q1602-E
  • Q1604-E
  • Q1614-E
Q17 Series Fixed
About Q17 Series

  • Q1755-E
  • Q1765-LE
M11 Series Fixed
  • M1113-E
  • M1114-E

Economy models, lower pricing and lower performance than P Series

P33 Series Domes
About P33 Series

  • P3384-VE
  • P3384-V
  • P3367-VE
  • P3367-E
  • P3367-VE
  • P3367-V
  • P3346-VE
  • P3346-V
  • P3346
  • P3364-LVE 12mm
  • P3364-LVE 6mm
  • P3364-LV 12mm
  • P3364-LV 6mm
  • P3364-VE 12mm
  • P3364-VE 6mm
  • P3364-V 12mm
  • P3364-V 6mm
31R Series Domes
  • M3113-R
  • M3114-R
M31 Series Domes
  • M3113-VE
  • M3114-VE

Choose The AXIS Q87-E series for Mission-Critical, 24/7, 360-degree Video Surveillance of Restricted Areas from a Single Unit that includes both Visual and Thermal Cameras!

Make the AXIS Q87-E Dual Network Camera your choice for mission-critical surveillance scenarios demanding 24-hour monitoring of restricted areas. The AXIS Q87-E combines two perfectly-synchronized cameras mounted in a single enclosure for simultaneous detection, recognition and identification:

Thermal cameras, like the one included in the AXIS Q-8721-E, offer higher detection accuracy than visual cameras under difficult lighting conditions. They can detect objects or people hidden in shadows or dark areas. Thermal cameras also function in complete darkness and adverse weather conditions like fog or heavy rain.

The AXIS Q87-E’s visual camera combines a 10-power, automatic focus, zoom lens and HDTV resolution, (1920 by 1080 pixels), to deliver quality recognition and identification.

For easy installation and management, both cameras are installed in a single unit so you can tilt and pan both cameras at once. Although the two cameras deliver simultaneous signals, only one Ethernet connection is required for monitoring and recording from either, or both, camera.

The IP66-rated, outdoor-ready AXIS Q8721-E is mounted in an IP66-rated outdoor enclosure that can withstand temperatures as low as -30 degrees Celsius (minus 22 degrees Fahrenheit) to 45 degrees Celsius (113 degrees Farenheit). The sturdy enclosure is protected from exposure to dust and high-pressure water jets from any direction.


The AXIS Q8721-E’s 2-in-l design combines a HDTV-quality camera (1920×1080 pixel resolution), with 10-power zoom lens with a thermal camera in a single unit offering 360-degree coverage, 24/7, in all lighting and weather conditions.
Options include an infrared illuminator for better identification in extreme low-lighting conditions.

Quality mechanical components permit endless 360-degree panning and tilting from 45 degrees above the horizon to 20 degrees below the horizon. Accurate presets (within 0.02 degrees) permit you to pre-assign camera views.

You can conserve system bandwidth and maximize efficiency by configuring multiple, simultaneous video streams at a variety of frame rates, resolution, and image compression. Options include H.264 and Motion JPEG.

Intelligent video features can be triggered by video motion detection, active tampering alarm, or audio detection. You can also program custom triggers using the AXIS Camera Application Platform video monitoring software.
Once triggered, by motion in designated areas, the video camera can zoom in and begin recording, uploading video files for network viewing, recording, or shared via email. In addition, external outputs can be notified, and audio/video images can be edge-stored using the AXIS Q8721-E’s dual SD card slots (cards not included).


Contact Radius Vision for help choosing advanced video perimeter surveillance cameras like the AXIS Q87 Series. Our years of experience help us bring a helpful and valuable perspective to your video security needs. Let us help you evaluate your current requirements and make choices that best suit your situation.

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