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Learn what some security system integrators and manufacturers DON’T want you to know.

Sign up for a $99 three month subscription or a $199 1 year subscription to IPVM, the world’s leading video surveillance information source. Dedicated to independent and objective information, they uniquely refuse any and all advertisement, sponsorship and consulting from manufacturers. This is an excellent resource for video surveillance analysis, testing and training for thousands of members globally.
What’s Unique About IPVM?

  • The most in-depth expert reports on video surveillance (3,900+).
  • The only independent video surveillance testing service providing critical analysis and education on leading products (400+).
  • A complete selection of software tools including our incredibly popular Camera Calculator and Camera Finder.
  • The most comprehensive source for video surveillance education and courses.

Who Uses this Site?

  • IPVM averages ~150,000 visits per month.
  • We have over 10,000 PRO Members from 100+ countries.
  • The site is read and discussed by leading executives, designers and technologists in the security industry around the world.
  • The most active community with tens of thousands of comments and growing – more than all security trade magazine websites combined.

Who is IPVM?

  • IPVM is a team of 9 engineers with extensive experience working for security integrators, organizations and manufacturers. We have no sales nor marketing people.
  • IPVM was founded in 2008 by John Honovich.


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