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FLIR is the Industry Leader in Thermal imaging Systems for Perimeter and Asset Protection

logo_FLIRFLIR thermal security cameras are capable of detecting humans at distances of up to 1.75 miles from the camera in total darkness.
Unlike standard visual cameras, which require white or infrared light in order to function under no light conditions, thermal imaging systems do not require any light to operate.
FLIR perimeter and asset protection systems are designed to work in zero light conditions. You or your security will staff receive instant notification when a suspicious event occurs. Alerts are delivered to any smart phone, your security personnel or a certified monitoring center staffed by security professionals.

FLIR cameras with wireless and cellular communications
If you don’t have internet connectivity at your project location we can provide you with a point-to-point wireless or cellular communications system.
Solar powered FLIR thermal camera system for perimeter and asset protection
If you don’t have 110V AC power available and you must power with solar, a FLIR thermal imaging system is particularly efficient for off-grid projects due to the relatively low power requirement and no need to power additional LED lights.
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