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SightLogix Outdoor Video Security Systems Detect and Track Intruders in Total Darkness

Professional Video Recording and Transmission Systems

Professional Video Recording and Transmission Systems

Thermal Camera with Video Analytics

SightLogix Thermal SightSensor is a thermal camera with video analytics designed to protect the perimeter of a given area, day and night, in total darkness and all weather conditions.

The Thermal SightSensor includes powerful on-board video processing for high Probability of Detect (PD) and low Nuisance Alarm Rates (NAR), while producing the clearest thermal camera images and most accurate video analytics possible.

Video Analytic features of the SightLogix Outdoor Perimeter Security System include:

  • Up to 64 individual Alarm Zones or Restricted Areas / Each of these 64 zones can have an unlimited number of rules
  • Motion Tracking
  • Control alarm detection according to time of day
  • From/To Zones
  • Target Size Filtering – Eliminate objects smaller or larger than a specific height or specific width
  • Target Size Filtering – Eliminate objects smaller or larger than a specific aspect ratio
  • Wrong-Way Direction
  • Loitering
  • Track certain sized objects, but do not alarm on them.
  • Object left behind
  • Speed alarm detection (either above or below a user specified threshold)
  • Automated PTZ control (with SightTracker units)
  • Selectable tracking priority for Sight Tracker

Pan-tilt-zoom tracking

SightLogix SightTracker is a GPS-based auto tracking pan-tilt-zoom system that positions a pan-tilt-zoom camera to optically zoom and follow a detected target using the geo-registered target and tracking detail provided by SightLogix SightSensors.

SightTracker integrates with pan-tilt-zoom camera controls, real-time GPS coordinate mapping, video encoding and compression. Hardware is installed in an outdoor rated NEMA 4X enclosure.

When steered by an associated SightSensor, SightTracker automatically zooms pan-tilt-zoom cameras for up-close identification details. Detected targets are displayed on the SightMonitor topology map, providing the event location for time-critical decisions while recording important detail for forensic use.

GPS Target Mapping and Configuration Software

SightLogix SightMonitor is a configuration and monitoring application for all devices in the SightLogix Automated Outdoor Video system. The SightMonitor system consists of Coordination System (CS) server software and one or more SightMonitor clients.

Objects are tracked in a top down view

In addition to configuration and management, SightMonitor displays the topological position and field of view all cameras and detected intrusion events, overlaid on a geo-positioned aerial image of the surveillance area, to track the precise location of security events. The result is complete situational awareness over large outdoor areas.

Video Security Trailer

For projects that require a portable and mobile perimeter protection solution, the SightLogix Video Security Trailer may be a viable option to consider.

The SightLogix Video Security Trailer comes equipped with SightSensor detection cameras, electronic pan/tilt positioning units, solar power system, backup batteries, and optional wireless or cellular communications system.


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