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Intelligent video surveillance

Intelligent video surveillance

  • Video IQ’s family of video security cameras, hardware, and intelligent software helps you control costs while improving your firm’s ability to instantly respond to threats, alerting authorities, monitoring incidents, and securing evidence.
  • Intelligent Analytics built into VideoIQ’s iCVR cameras instantly respond to suspicious activity without wasting precious bandwidth recording everyday events.
  • VideoIQ’s built-in threat analysis reduces false alarms, but instantly responds to intrusions or suspicious behavior.
  • When intrusions and threats occur, alerts are immediately sent out and the events are recorded in high-definition video and sent to appropriate authorities.
  • Internet-based video security permits you to monitor events from any online computer, smart phone, or tablet device.
  • VideoIQ’s Rialto series preserves your investment in existing video hardware by offering an easy upgrade path to intelligent video surveillance for legacy analog and IP cameras.
  • 100% self-calibrating analytics monitors system readiness.

VideoIQ_guy_fenceIntelligent Analytics

Patented algorithms maximize live event detection and analysis, filtering out background objects and routine movement, scanning for intrusions and threats. The software is built into the cameras,

Edge Storage

VideoIQ’s innovative and unique approach to storage eliminates bandwidth bottlenecks and costly central servers, simplifying installation and offering more security options. In-the-field storage improves system reliability while extending the service life of standard HDD system components up to 10 times.

  • System options include both SSD and hybrid, HDD/SSD storage.
  • Systems remain operational even during power outages.

Video Management Software

VideoIQ View software is optimized for distributed analytics and storage. This web-based software permits event monitoring and recording from multiple locations while reducing routine system traffic.

  • Monitor your system from any online smartphone, tablet device, or personal computer.
  • System redundancy improves reliability and allows all concerned parties to monitor events.
  • System performance can be fine-tuned and updates from any smartphone, tablet, or personal computer.


 Contact Radius Vision for help choosing the VideoIQ “Intelligent” video cameras, hardware, and software that best meets your requirements and complements your existing system. Tell us what you want to accomplish, and what you already have, and we’ll do our best to help you!



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