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Eagle Eye Networks Cloud Based Video Surveillance System

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100% on-demand cloud security camera system

The Eagle Eye Cloud Security Camera video management system (VMS) provides 100% cloud management, 100% mobile and web browser viewing, and if you want – 100% cloud recording. Architected from the ground up to be all cloud all the time. You can click and add a camera at any time. You can click and change how long you keep your recordings. Its ready to go when you are. Pay only for what you need. It eliminates all the headaches of traditional systems. No software to buy and install, no license keys, and no OS to maintain.

The industry’s MOST SECURE cloud based system…security taken seriously

No open ports, Eagle Eye Complete Privacy Encryption™. Your video is safe. With Eagle Eye Complete Privacy Encryption™ you know that your data is safe. All data and video is encrypted. Only the right people will get access at the right time. See Cyber Security white paper by Dean Drako, founder of Eagle Eye Networks and Barracuda Networks.
Important note: the majority of the video security companies that offer cloud based systems for less, also deliver less…security in particular.

Cloud storage, on-premise storage, or any mix, wide variety of on-premise options

Eagle Eye Cloud-Premise Flex Storage™ gives you flexibility. Cloud storage is great for most video, but sometimes you need on-premise storage as well. The cloud security camera VMS lets you select what video is stored on-premise and what video is stored in the cloud. Choose by camera, by time, by resolution. Record to both locations for reliability and redundancy. Optimize your bandwidth. The interface stays the same regardless of where your video is stored.

100% web interface, same great web interface all the time

Use your favorite web browser on your favorite computer. You get the same powerful and complete web interface regardless. No plugins to install. No software to install. Use your existing web browser from anywhere in the world to view your live or historic video. Reduce the hassles and make your video more accessible to more people in more places. Goodbye software. Works on Mac, PC, Chromebook, iPad, and Android.

Mobile done right, access and control from your phone

The Eagle Eye Cloud Security Camera VMS comes with free mobile applications that implement full functions. View live video, navigate and search historic video, turn cameras on and off, adjust camera settings, or email videos.

Maximum camera flexibility

You pick the cameras you want. Digital or analog. We make it work. Works with a broad selection of ONVIF IP cameras. Works with nearly all analog cameras. You have the flexibility to choose the cameras that work for you. Or use the cameras that are already installed.

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Describe Your Project and Requirements for a Cloud Based Camera System

Please provide as much information about your project as possible. The more info that you provide, the better our recommendations will be.
  • What is the purpose of this video system? Where will cameras be located, what will they be viewing? How many days, weeks or months of stored images and video clips do you require? Describe your situation, your concerns and expectations.
  • The more visual info that you provide, the better our recommendations will be.
  • If high speed internet is available, can the cameras be connected to this internet connection with cat 5/6 cable? If you can't connect cameras to internet connection via cat 5/6 cabling, use point-to-point wireless between cameras and internet connection. Does each camera have "clear line of sight" to the building that has the internet service? Please describe.
  • If you don't have high speed internet service at this location you will probably use 4G/LTE cellular to access the camera system. If you have multiple cameras, you may want a local wireless network to connect these cameras to the cellular service. Please describe.
  • Cameras require light in order to operate. Do you expect cameras to operate at night time? Is there existing lighting? If not, we can provide cameras with built in IR lighting for short distances (up to 100') or add separate LED lighting for longer distances (up to 1000')
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