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  • Are you purchasing AXIS cameras for the first time or do you have experience with AXIS cameras?
  • If so, please list the quantity and model # of each AXIS camera and any related accessories that you require.
  • The more information that you provide, the better our recommendations will be.
  • Do you expect your AXIS cameras to operate in zero light conditions? While some models of AXIS cameras have built-in IR lighting that is useful to about 100' distance, you may need to add a separate LED lighting system for longer distances. LED lighting systems may be infrared light, white light or hybrid. LED lighting can be IP controllable. Note: hybrid systems use the IR light for cameras to operate, with white light activated when camera detects an intruder, white light can also be set to strobe to warn away intruders.
  • If running cat5/6e cable is not feasible, you can use a point-to-point wireless system or a 4G/LTE cellular system to communicate with your AXIS cameras.
  • Are you interested in any of the following options? Many hardware devices are IP PoE controllable.