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Radius Vision is a proud Certified Reseller for exacqVision

RadiusVision is a Certified Reseller for exacqVision

Exacq software is very easy to learn and use yet it’s very powerful.

ExacqVision is one of America’s leading developers of open architecture Video Management System (VMS) solutions for security and surveillance applications. Their exacqVision client-server solutions are scalable from small, one-camera solutions to large-scale corporate or campus systems with thousands of cameras.

Exacq is the video security industry’s favorite video management system software for many reasons:

  • Best user experience
  • Ease of setup
  • Ease of use
  • Simplicity
  • Reliable
  • Stable
  • Wide array of features
  • Integrates with other systems
  • Very little training required
  • Reasonable price

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Exacq powered video systems deliver “CSI” like performance

Exacq software combined with maximum performance Megapixel and Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras offer features that have until recently only existed in Hollywood studios. Our video systems really can zoom in to read a license plate 1000′ feet away from the camera.

Exacq server software runs on Windows or Linux OS

You can purchase Exacq software only to install on a server that you supply or you can purchase Exacq software pre-installed on a server. Exacq servers include a 3 year warranty and 3 years of software updates. Exacq Server software runs on either Windows or Linux based servers.

Exacq Client runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X

The Exacq Client software (installed on computers where cameras are viewed from) runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

Exacq Mobile

Designed for the ExacqVision platform, Exacq Mobile provides a host of client features including live view, search and playback.

Hybrid servers support both Analog and IP cameras

Besides supporting most popular IP cameras Exacq is also available in a hybrid version which allows you to use your existing analog cameras. This requires the purchase of an Exacq Hybrid server. Hybrid servers are offered in 4 to 64 analog inputs and will also support 8 IP cameras.


  • Compatible with leading cameras. ExacqVision’s open source software solutions support all leading IP video cameras from firms like AXIS Communications, Arecont Vision and IQinvision.
  • Compatible with all major operating systems and storage options. VMS software also provides flexibility of choosing the operating system and storage system that best fits the requirements. This permits use of your existing operating system’s file system for video storage. You may select internal disk storage, RAID, iSCSI, DAS or SAN using servers and storage systems from manufacturers such as IBM, HP and Dell.
  • Flexible. You’ll be able to view and manage real-time and recorded video from any location on the network using any computer, smartphone, or tablet. You’ll also be able to update system configurations online with password-protected security.
  • Hands-off automation. ExacqVision’s virtual matrix switching and display enables the deployment of sophisticated surveillance solutions for remote and centralized monitoring. Virtual matrix switching automatically routes video to appropriate monitors after detecting internal or external events.
  • Full remote manual operation when desired. Designated operators can control of camera panning, tracking, and zooming to monitor and share events.
  • Exacq is one of the few video management systems that includes a viewing client that runs on MAC OS X.
  • Preconfigured systems simplify and speed the selection and installation process.
  • Software-only video monitor software solutions offer you the choice of selecting your hardware manufacturer and the price and performance desired.
  • Video recordings and event notifications can be activated by external events, such as triggers from contact sensors, video motion, serial & IP streams from access control, building automation, hardware like ATMs, or point of sale systems.
  • ExacqVision’s software solutions are based on plugin architecture. This permits easy expansion and updating. New plugins are constantly being developed to add functionality and expand device integration.
  • A software developer’s toolkit (SDK) is available for developers that need integration at the file or system level.
  • ExacqVision’s client experience includes a wide variety of corporate, financial, state and federal institutions, including schools and universities, healthcare, banking, retail, manufacturing, distribution centers, transportation, airport, shipping, construction homeland security and home monitoring.

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Software updates

We always recommend purchasing Exacq software update subscriptions. This service keeps your software version current and compatible with camera updates and upgrades.

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