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Milestone Systems Video Management Software and Hardware

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Milestone offers the most comprehensive video management software in the industry.

With 7 levels of XProtect software to choose from, Milestone has a solution for the smallest to the largest of businesses. Milestone XProtect video management software integrates with a wide range of third-party software applications.

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Milestone Open Platform
Why open platform?
Milestone’s XProtect open platform video management software integrates with the industry’s widest choice of cameras, giving you the freedom to choose equipment according to your needs and budget.The open architecture of XProtect, together with the MIP SDK, allows for endless possibilities to add features and functionality for creating powerful, custom surveillance solutions. Milestone was one the first video software management vendors to support and lead the future progress of ONVIF and PSIA standards.Milestone offers an Integration Platform Software Development Kit (MIP SDK), which allows you to integrate third party applications and systems (like point-of-purchase, ATM, and access control) into your XProtect video management software. This allows you and your staff to consolidate all of your security applications into a single, easy-to-use interface.
Scalable solutions
Milestone’s XProtect video management software is available to satisfy a broad range of business requirements ranging from small businesses to the largest corporations. Options include:

  • XProtect NVR. Choose the XProtect NVR if you’re a small business looking for a convenient, easy to install and easy-to-operate server workstation to control either 8 or 16 cameras.
  • XProtect Essential. Video management software solution for small businesses with up to 26 surveillance cameras.
  • XProtect Express. The XProtect Express is the software solution for single-location small businesses controlling up to 48 cameras and up to 5 concurrent users.
  • XProtect Professional. Using XProtect Professional software, you can control up to 5 servers, with up to 64 cameras attached to each server.
  • XProtect Enterprise. This allows operators in sophisticated, mid to large-sized, multi-site installations to efficiently monitor up to 250 cameras.
  • XProtect Corporate. This premium, open platform video management software is designed for large-scale, multi-site, high-risk installations and supports an unlimited number of cameras, users, and sites.
  • Migration. Because the various versions of XProtect video management software are based on the same open platform architecture, you can easily upgrade your software as your system grows in capacity and capabilities. This simplifies upgrades and reduces the need for extensive staff retraining.

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As a Milestone authorized partner, Radius Vision can help you choose the right XProtect software and hardware options to meet your specific video security requirements.

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