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RayTec LED Lighting

Raytec Vario

Raytec is the World’s Leader in LED Infrared and White lighting Systems for IP Video Systems and CCTV Security Cameras

Raytec LED illuminators deliver light up to 3280 feet distance, and at angles from 10 degrees up to a 180 degree panoramic angle. Models and options include:

  • Infrared illuminators, for distances up to 3280’
  • White light illuminators, for distances up to 787’
  • Hybrid illuminators, IR and White light
  • Power over ethernet
  • Explosion proof
  • Network illuminators
  • IP controllable lighting systems


Raytec LED Lighting + Milestone Video Management System Integration

raytec-milestone-integration-imageRaytec VARIO IP Network Illuminators can be fully integrated with Milestone’s XProtect Video Management System via plug-in software.
Raytec VARIO IP LED lighting can be controlled individually or in groups making it easier to control large sites. Operators can make live adjustments to any single Raytec illuminator or group of illuminators via the Smart Client at any time, to optimize image quality for the best night time surveillance 24/7.

Example of the Raytec + Milestone Integration


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