Wireless  IP Security Camera System Solutions Include:

  • Point-to-point
  • Point-to-multipoint
  • Mesh networks
  • 4G/LTE cellular

Wireless links may be up to 20 miles in distance when using high-powered 5.8Ghz radios with dish antennas.

Each wireless IP video system is customized to fit your specific application. Wireless security camera systems are typically shipped pre-configured and documented for your specific project.

Note: long distance wireless links requires clear line of sight between the sending and receiving radios.

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Built for Harsh Environments and Extreme Temperatures

Our wireless security camera system solutions have a proven track record of withstanding the most demanding applications and harsh elements in outdoor and industrial environments.

We have been working with wireless video security systems since 2004

With our high level of in-house wireless expertise we are able to provide solutions for just about any type of wireless video security project.



Camera Types for Wireless Camera Systems

Fixed High DefinitionPan-Tilt-ZoomThermal Imaging

Fixed cameras


Mobotix M15 dual lens 6mp

A single Mobotix camera functions as a COMPLETE, stand alone, highly advanced video security or surveillance system. Mobotix designs and builds the entire end-to-end camera system, all hardware and software is built in Germany. Hundreds of important and powerful features are embedded at the camera level. Mobotix network cameras require no housings, no heaters and no fans. No moving parts to fail. All software is included at no additional charge.



AXIS P1435-E

AXIS P1435-E with IR light

AXIS has the industry’s widest range of camera models, form factors and performance capabilities. Fixed models are available with up to 33 megapixel image size, including vandal resistant, infrared lighting built-in and covert models. For maximum functionality, add Exacq Edge video management software running on a 64GB SD card onboard an AXIS camera.

View and control live AXIS cameras.


Vivotek 180 panoramic with IR lighting

Vivotek 180 with IR light

Vivotek 180 degree panorama outdoor ready 12MP camera with built in IR lighting is comprised of 4 x 3MP CMOS sensors, for full horizontal views, making it an ideal outdoor surveillance solution for viewing large areas, with very high level of detail. For maximum functionality, add Exacq Edge video management software running on a 32GB SD card onboard the camera.


Pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras can be with or without IR lighting or thermal cameras that do not require light

AXIS P5512-E pan-tilt-zoom

AXIS P5515-E pan-tilt-zoom

AXIS has very wide range of pan-tilt-zoom camera models with power requirements ranging from 13 watts to 70 watts.

Our most popular AXIS PTZ camera for solar powered projects is the AXIS P5515-E model, due to its relatively low power requirement of 13 watts.

View and control live AXIS cameras

Vivotek pan-tilt-zoom cameras with IR lighting range of 492′

Vivotek PTZ IR

Vivotek PTZ IR

The SD9364-EHL is the latest professional speed dome camera from VIVOTEK, specifically designed to enhance low light surveillance in large coverage areas. Equipped with 150 M IR illuminators and a 30x optical zoom lens, the SD9364-EHL provides a superb low light image in the most challenging situations. The SD9364-EHL also adopts VIVOTEK’s latest IR technology, VAIR (Vari-Angle IR). VIVOTEK’s VAIR provides smooth vari-angle adjustment of the IR illuminators, allowing broad coverage FOV and highly uniform IR intensity while avoiding hot-spots traditionally associated with IR illumination.

FLIR Thermal PTZ cameras 

FLIR Thermal PTZ

FLIR Thermal PTZ

The FLIR T4325ZS TCX Thermal PTZ Camera can integrate with existing alarm sensors to deliver accurate, real-time visual assessment and alarm verification in any lighting conditions, including zero light. This PTZ camera allows 360° continuous panning and -15° to 90° tilting.

The TCX Thermal PTZ Camera has on-board Video Motion Detection (VMD) analytics for accurate intrusion detection and supports resolution of up to 336 x 240 at 4:3 aspect ratio. Operates in zero light conditions, in daylight, through smoke, dust, or even light fog.

Thermal cameras operate in zero light conditions

Thermal Intrusion Detected

Thermal with Analytics

Thermal cameras are a good option to consider for a solar powered intrusion detection system. Thermal imaging cameras do not require any additional lighting systems as they detect and deliver heat signatures from humans and vehicles. The lower power requirements of thermal cameras means a smaller solar plant, compared to powering LED lights for visual cameras.

Mobotix M15 thermal/visual

Mobotix M15 thermal/visual

Mobotix M15 Thermal and Visual Cameras

The Mobotix M15 thermal imaging camera opens up a new range of possibilities including having both a thermal camera AND a 6mp visual camera in one compact design. Thermal radiometry models are available that generate automatic alarms, defined by temperature limits or temperature ranges, to detect and prevent potential fire or overheating of mechanical or liquid mechanical heat sources.


AXIS 1921-E thermal camera

AXIS 1921-E thermal camera

AXIS thermal cameras

AXIS thermal network cameras can protect your project or facility 24/7/365 in complete darkness and under difficult conditions such as smoke, haze, dust and fog. Total power requirement for most AXIS thermal cameras is about 12 watts

FLIR and VideoIQ

FLIR thermal camera

FLIR thermal cameras with onboard analytics

FLIR thermal security cameras are capable of detecting humans at distances of up to 1.75 miles from the camera in total darkness. Used in conjunction with analytics to filter out nuisance alarms this is an extremely powerful perimeter protection system that will identify human or vehicle intrusions.


FLIR Thermal PTZ

FLIR Thermal PTZ

FLIR Thermal PTZ cameras

The FLIR T4325ZS TCX Thermal PTZ Camera can integrate with existing alarm sensors to deliver accurate, real-time visual assessment and alarm verification in any lighting conditions, including zero light. This PTZ camera allows 360° continuous panning and -15° to 90° tilting.

The TCX Thermal PTZ Camera has on-board Video Motion Detection (VMD) analytics for accurate intrusion detection and supports resolution of up to 336 x 240 at 4:3 aspect ratio. Operates in zero light conditions, in daylight, through smoke, dust, or even light fog.


Communications Systems

4G/LTE CellularPoint-to-Point WirelessSatelliteManual

Point-to-point wireless camera system

Point to point wireless

Pair of Radios for Point-to-Point Wireless Link

A solar powered wireless camera system most often uses a point-to-point wireless system. Distances up to 20 miles are possible using high-powered radios with dish antennas. Best performance requires operating in the 5.8Ghz spectrum with clear line of sight between sending and receiving radios. Alternative frequencies are 2.4Ghz or 900Mhz, which can penetrate some degree of obstructions (trees, walls, etc.). For solar calculations the power requirement for outdoor wireless routers varies between 5 watts and 8 watts.


  • A point-to-point wireless system requires a minimum of 1 pair of radios, 1 to send video and 1 to receive video. The receiving radio (also referred to as gateway radio or gateway node) is most often located at a facility that has high-speed internet service, which allows live or recorded video to be accessed from any internet enabled device.
  • Systems may be accessed directly with an IP address with proper credentials, through a video management system or with Apps downloaded to Apple or Android devices.
  • Due to their unique codec and internal ring-buffer system, Mobotix cameras are particularly friendly to point-to-point wireless, 3G and 4G LTE environments with variable and unpredictable upstream bandwidth. The buffering system allows Mobotix cameras to recover from temporary interruptions or slowdowns in upstream connectivity by storing compressed image data in the buffer until the upstream connection is restored.
Satellite Dish

Satellite System

Satellite camera system

If wireless or cellular service is not available at your project location, you may want to consider using a satellite system. Satellite systems will work in most locations that lack cellular coverage.

Go to camera location, retrieve video directly from camera

If you don’t have any type of remote communications available, a couple options to retreive video are:

  • Run cat5-e shielded cable down pole to a “J” box with ethernet port installed, plug cable into port to retrieve video
  • Install wireless access point at this location to access video via your laptop when within 200′ of camera location

Options and Accessories

LED LightingStorage SystemsSensorsEntrance ControlsLoudspeakers & SirensStrobes

Night time operations

Cameras require some light in order to operate at night. If there is zero light they won’t function. Some lighting options to consider are:

AXIS Q1765-LE 150

AXIS Q1765-LE with IR

Cameras with IR lighting built-in

Cameras with built-in IR LEDs are capable of delivering light to about 100′ maximum distance, although some PTZ cameras have IR lighting that is useful to up to 500′.

LED infrared, white or hybrid of infrared/white light

LED lighting systems offer the most flexibility and performance and are available in infrared light (IR), white light or hybrid of IR and white.

RayTec Vario IP

RayTec Vario IP

Raytec VARIO IP PoE series of network illuminators are fully IP controllable designed for all camera applications and general area illumination. VARIO IP offers the ultimate flexibility in terms of power input including both PoE (at standard PoE+) or low voltage (12/24V DC).

VARIO IP lighting provides remote access for quick and easy set up, commissioning operation and maintenance of your lighting scheme. Each VARIO IP illuminator has an integrated web interface enabling users to configure, manage and instantly control large lighting installations, from anywhere on the network.

SD card onboard camera storage

128GB Micro SD Card

Most of our camera systems can store images and video clips on-board the camera with a 32GB to 200GB SD Micro Card

Embedded fanless industrial computer with SSD drives

Another option to consider for a stand-alone camera system is to run a video management system (VMS) and storage on an embedded fanless industrial computer with solid state drives (SSD). This requires an outdoor rated NEMA enclosure to provide protection from the elements, and increases the system cost due to additional components and related increase in power requirements.

Network attached storage (NAS) device located at camera location


Hot Swap 2-Bay NAS

A NAS can be located at the camera location, however this will cause the solar plant to be increased in size due to the power required by a NAS.

NAS or Windows server located at receiving end of point-to-point wireless link

If you have a point-to-point wireless system, the camera can send video to a NAS or Windows server at the receiving end where internet connection and gateway radio is located.

Off-site storage

Images and video clips can be sent to a server at a different location or “in the cloud”. The limitations for this method are available bandwidth if using 4G/LTE communications.

Passive infrared sensors (PIR)

Long Range PIR

Long Range PIR

Passive infrared sensors are useful for detecting intrusions which can then be investigated with cameras (fixed or PTZ models). LED lighting is usually required. PIR sensors require very little power, can detect a human in zero light conditions at up to 700′ distance. Systems can be configured to turn on LED white lights when an intrusion has been detected, thus warning away intruders. You can also “talk down” to identified intruders while taking pictures of them as they run for their lives.

IP Access Control

IP Access Control

Access Controls for Remote Locations

Monitor and control doors, gates, storage units and cabinets with IP based access controls.

Ideal for solar powered projects due to low power requirement.

Loudspeaker to ampliy volume

Loudspeaker to amplify volume

Add an  amplifier installed in NEMA 4X enclosure with 1 or more loudspeakers to deliver sound any distance for talking live or playing recording messages.

Strobe Lights

Strobe Lights

Add strobe lights to warn away intruders, alert staff when specified events have occurred.

Stop Crime BEFORE it Happens!

Central Station Monitoring ServiceSystem Health Monitoring

Instant Response with 24/7 Central Station Monitoring Service

When your security system detects an intrusion at your property, our 24/7/365 central station monitoring service confirms with live cameras what is happening in real time and if action is required.

A verified video alarm is a PRIORITY ONE RESPONSE from the police, it is a verified “crime in progress”.


24/7 Central Station Monitoring Service

If an unauthorized intrusion has occurred, the police can be dispatched or our trained guards will speak directly to the intruders through the loudspeaker system to warn them off your property before than can do any damage. Other warning devices such as high intensity strobe lights and sirens may be activated to further escalate the response.

Snapshots and video clips of trespassers on your property will be instantly sent to you, police or others for action, investigation and prosecution.

System Health Monitoring Services include:

Connection Issues
Reports when the connection to the system fails or the system goes offline

Camera Failures
Detects if a camera has developed a fault

Tamper Detection
Receive alert if camera has been hit or moved

Recording Issues
Reports if the system records for less than expected

Time & Date Inaccuracy
Reports when the time is incorrect or tampered with

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