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Construction Equipment Rental Company Partner Program

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Business Opportunity for Construction Equipment Rental Companies

Your customers rent video verified alarm systems from you. 
We provide all service and technical support. 

Stop Crime BEFORE it Happens!

100% Wireless & Battery Powered

  • Prevent crime 24/7 with a video verified alarm system
  • A verified video alarm is a PRIORITY ONE RESPONSE from the police, it is a verified “crime in progress”
  • NO false alarms
  • 100% wireless and battery powered, no wiring or AC power required
  • Easy to move system to another job site, different project location
  • Over 1 million installations worldwide

Videofied photo construction site

Always on Watch, Never Distracted, Never Asleep

Security guard services are only as reliable as the guard on duty, who can only be in one place at a time. Our system protects any or all areas 24/7/365 at a small fraction of the price of hiring a security guard. 

How it Works

A video verified system is comprised of multiple cameras (up to 22 indoor or outdoor cameras supported per control panel), an outdoor control panel, one or more arming devices, and 1 or more outdoor sirens/strobes. Systems can be 100% battery powered and wireless, no AC power or internet required, no wiring to install. If you have AC power and internet service available for the outdoor control panel, this will allow you to use an App on your iPhone or Android to arm and disarm your system and get snapshots on demand. If you don’t have AC power and internet service, you will use our battery powered and cellular version.
Each camera consists of a built-in PIR motion sensor, LED light, VGA camera sensor and mounting hardware. Each camera communicates via wireless with an alarm control panel. The alarm panel communicates with central station monitoring with either cellular or your existing internet service. Each camera has an effective range of 40′ distance and 90 degree viewing angle. Cameras can be up to 1000′ distance from the control panel.
We design your video verified intrusion detection system for your specific location. Your system will be programmed, bench tested and documented prior to shipping, you simply install the battery powered wireless cameras, control panel and arming device (keypad or badge reader), and 1 or more sirens/strobes. We train you on system operation and provide technical support. If any programming changes are required, we remote into your system to make any changes required.

A verified video alarm is a PRIORITY ONE RESPONSE from the police, it is a verified “crime in progress”.

When your system is armed, intruders will be detected in real-time, a 10 second video clip event is immediately sent to central station monitoring for video verification. If a human or vehicle has been confirmed, central station monitoring will either dispatch the police or turn on the sirens/strobes, or both, depending on your instructions. Video clips can also be sent to you or anyone that you’d like.
For best results, outdoor system deployments should be inside of a fenced area in order to minimize false alarms. Uncontrolled outdoor areas can generate excessive false alarms from animals or any number of potential moving objects such as blowing trees and grass, tumbleweeds, etc.

Example of a System Installation on a Construction Trailer

Your system ships to you programmed, tested, documented and ready to install. It is 100% battery powered and wireless. No wiring is required. Simply attach the components to posts, poles or walls.
Video Verified Alarm System Mounted on Construction Trailer

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