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About M50 Series

M50 Series PTZ
About M50 Series


  • M5013-E
  • M5014
  • M5014-E
Q60 Series PTZ
About Q60 Series

  • Q6045-E
  • Q6045-C
  • Q6044-E
  • Q6044-C
  • Q6042-E
  • Q6042-C

Q6045-E can read license plates at 900′

P55 Series PTZ

About P55 Series

  • P5512-E

With low power requirement of 15.6 watts, the P5512-E is a good choice for Solar Powered projects

P54 Series PTZ
  • P5414-E
  • P5415-E
Q87 Thermal PTZ
About Q87 Series

  • AXIS Q8721-E 60mm
  • AXIS Q8722-E 35mm
  • AXIS Q8722-E 60mm

Dual Head Thermal and Visual PTZ Cameras.

Detect humans up to 3000′ in zero light.

Q19 Thermal Fixed
About Q19 Series

  • Q1910-E 13mm, 17°
  • Q1921-E 10mm, 51°
  • Q1921-E 19mm, 28°
  • Q1921-E 35mm, 16°
  • Q1921-E 60mm, 9°
  • Q1922-E 10mm, 57°
  • Q1922-E 19mm, 32°
  • Q1922-E 35mm, 18°
  • Q1922-E 60mm, 10°
  • Q1931-E 7mm, 50°
  • Q1931-E 13mm, 28°
  • Q1931-E 35mm, 10°
  • Q1931-E 60mm, 6°

Q1922-E 60mm can detect humans at 5000’+ in zero light.

P13 Series Fixed
About P13 Series

  • P1357-E
  • P1355-E
  • P1354-E
  • P1353-E

P13 series are AXIS top of the line in fixed cameras, with lightfinder technology, P-Iris control and 3 year warranty.

Q16 Series Fixed
About Q16 Series

  • Q1602-E
  • Q1604-E
  • Q1614-E
Q17 Series Fixed
About Q17 Series

  • Q1755-E
  • Q1765-LE
M11 Series Fixed
  • M1113-E
  • M1114-E

Economy models, lower pricing and lower performance than P Series

P33 Series Domes
About P33 Series

  • P3384-VE
  • P3384-V
  • P3367-VE
  • P3367-E
  • P3367-VE
  • P3367-V
  • P3346-VE
  • P3346-V
  • P3346
  • P3364-LVE 12mm
  • P3364-LVE 6mm
  • P3364-LV 12mm
  • P3364-LV 6mm
  • P3364-VE 12mm
  • P3364-VE 6mm
  • P3364-V 12mm
  • P3364-V 6mm
31R Series Domes
  • M3113-R
  • M3114-R
M31 Series Domes
  • M3113-VE
  • M3114-VE

M50 Series

AXIS M50 Series Dome Cameras Offer Affordable, Discreet Video Monitoring with Pan/Tilt/Zoom Capabilities for Banks, Hotels, Offices, Restaurants, and Stores

Look no further than the AXIS PTZ M50 Series if you want affordable, palm-sized dome network cameras you can deploy throughout your premises to protect your employees, your patrons, and your profits. 

The small size of the AXIS M50 dome cameras allows them to fit in without drawing undue attention to themselves. Although compact, they offer full pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities so you and your staff can follow the action. 

Although just 5.1 inches wide and extending less than 2.25 inches below the ceiling, (including mounting bracket), these easy-to-install surface mount cameras offer flexible coverage of over 322 square feet (300 square meters). Performance features include 180-degree panning, 90-degree tilt, and 3x digital zoom. 

AXIS M50 cameras can send multiple H.264 and Motion JPEG video streams simultaneously. (H.264 optimizes bandwidth and storage capacity without compromising image quality.) 


  • Video quality. Axis M50 series cameras use CMOS and fast, f1.8, lenses. Low-light performance extends as low as 1.4 lux, up to 1280 x 720, 720p image quality.
  • Environmental protection. AXIS M50 Network Cameras are dustproof and protected from dripping water, satisfying IP51 ratings. This maintains video system performance and reliability, even when sprinkler systems are activated.
  • Installation. Surface mounting speeds installation. M50 cameras can be Ethernet powered (PoE or Mid-span), eliminating the need for power cables. One-click connectivity is possible using the AXIS Video Hosting System (AVHS) video management software. Optional wall mounting brackets are also available.
  • Intelligent video. AXIS M50 cameras can trigger alarms based on video motion detection or audio detection. Additional alarm functions can be programmed using the AXIS Camera Application platform or by camera status (i.e., memory card full, etc.).
  • Alarm actions. Alarm triggers can include activating camera presets, uploading video files via FTP or HTTP, sending video files as email attachments, or triggering audio recording.
  • Remote recording. AXIS M50 cameras include a SD slot allowing up to several days of recording on a micro-SDHC card (card not included).
  • Additional features. Other features include a pixel counter for use during installation, certifying that the camera performance meets compliance requirements.


Contact Radius Vision for help choosing quality indoor/outdoor video perimeter surveillance cameras like the AXIS M50 series. Our years of experience help us bring a helpful and valuable perspective to your video security needs. Let us help you evaluate your current requirements and make choices that leave you room to grow.

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