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Meet Jim Flick, Video Verified Alarm Specialist

Jim Flick - Security Expert

Meet Jim Flick, our video verified alarm specialist. Jim will help you with all aspects of installing and supporting your video verified alarm system. Our customers have 16/7/365 direct access to Jim, THE BEST technical support person in the business. If you’d like to talk tech details feel free to contact Jim directly at 206.300.9954 or

What separates us from any other company in the US that sells this product is our video verified alarm specialist Jim Flick. Take a look at Jim’s Tech Talk Series that he sends to our customers and posts to our website as new issues and useful information is identified. You won’t will find this level of detail and depth of system information, with accompanying tips, tricks and traps, from any other company in the US. Jim provides 16/7/365 tech support service to our customers via phone, text or email. He will train you or your designated staff members to be extremely proficient in the use of this system, so you become DIY install and maintain experts, which means you will get the very best possible performance at all times for stopping job site theft and vandalism after hours.

While we don’t offer physical installation service on job sites, we’ve found that due to the comprehensive service/support/training that Jim provides, and the fact that this is 100% battery powered and wireless system that does not require the installation of any wiring, our customers find it very easy and quick to install themselves, make adjustments to system as the job progresses, and move the system to the next job site.

This Pulitzer Prize winning photo below and related newspaper story show Jim Flick at the far right. At the time Jim was a fireman in the Seattle area. He then became a  Medic One Paramedic in Bellevue, WA for many more years. All the time that Jim was saving lives and helping people, he also was also actively involved in the security industry. 

Heroes Then and Now
Jim Flick in Pulitzer Prize Winning Photo as a Firefighter with Signatures
Jim Flick in Pulitzer Prize Winning Photo as a Firefighter

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