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About P33 Series

About AXIS

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P33 Series Domes
About P33 Series

  • P3384-VE
  • P3384-V
  • P3367-VE
  • P3367-E
  • P3367-VE
  • P3367-V
  • P3346-VE
  • P3346-V
  • P3346
  • P3364-LVE 12mm
  • P3364-LVE 6mm
  • P3364-LV 12mm
  • P3364-LV 6mm
  • P3364-VE 12mm
  • P3364-VE 6mm
  • P3364-V 12mm
  • P3364-V 6mm
Q60 Series PTZ
About Q60 Series

  • Q6045-E
  • Q6045-C
  • Q6044-E
  • Q6044-C
  • Q6042-E
  • Q6042-C

Q6045-E can read license plates at 900′

P55 Series PTZ

About P55 Series

  • P5512-E

With low power requirement of 15.6 watts, the P5512-E is a good choice for Solar Powered projects

P54 Series PTZ
  • P5414-E
  • P5415-E
M50 Series PTZ
About M50 Series


  • M5013-E
  • M5014
  • M5014-E
Q87 Thermal PTZ
About Q87 Series

  • AXIS Q8721-E 60mm
  • AXIS Q8722-E 35mm
  • AXIS Q8722-E 60mm

Dual Head Thermal and Visual PTZ Cameras.

Detect humans up to 3000′ in zero light.

Q19 Thermal Fixed
About Q19 Series

  • Q1910-E 13mm, 17°
  • Q1921-E 10mm, 51°
  • Q1921-E 19mm, 28°
  • Q1921-E 35mm, 16°
  • Q1921-E 60mm, 9°
  • Q1922-E 10mm, 57°
  • Q1922-E 19mm, 32°
  • Q1922-E 35mm, 18°
  • Q1922-E 60mm, 10°
  • Q1931-E 7mm, 50°
  • Q1931-E 13mm, 28°
  • Q1931-E 35mm, 10°
  • Q1931-E 60mm, 6°

Q1922-E 60mm can detect humans at 5000’+ in zero light.

P13 Series Fixed
About P13 Series

  • P1357-E
  • P1355-E
  • P1354-E
  • P1353-E

P13 series are AXIS top of the line in fixed cameras, with lightfinder technology, P-Iris control and 3 year warranty.

Q16 Series Fixed
About Q16 Series

  • Q1602-E
  • Q1604-E
  • Q1614-E
Q17 Series Fixed
About Q17 Series

  • Q1755-E
  • Q1765-LE
M11 Series Fixed
  • M1113-E
  • M1114-E

Economy models, lower pricing and lower performance than P Series

31R Series Domes
  • M3113-R
  • M3114-R
M31 Series Domes
  • M3113-VE
  • M3114-VE

AXIS P33 Series Fixed Dome High-Performance Cameras Provide Unobtrusive Quality Video Surveillance for Exposed Indoor and Outdoor Areas

With their protective casings and unobtrusive design, the AXIS P33 Series of fixed dome indoor/outdoor network cameras deliver unobtrusive video surveillance, day and night, in exposed areas such as airports, subways, retail stores, bank buildings, schools and university campuses around the world. They combine quality HDTV performance, easy installation, and multiple options.

All AXIS P33 Series models offer exceptional image quality from SVGA resolution up to 5 megapixel, including SMPTE standard compliant HDTV 720p and 1080p video. Multiple, individually configurable H.264 and Motion JPEG video streams permits maximum monitoring and recording flexibility while preserving bandwidth.

AXIS P33 Series

SVGA and HDTV 720p models include AXIS Lightfinder technology, which make these cameras for exceptional low light sensitivity and performance.
The AXIS P3384-V supports wide dynamic range (WDR) with ‘dynamic capture’ that provides outstanding video quality in demanding conditions with strong variations in light.
The 5 megapixel model, AXIS P3367-V, can cover a large area with exceptional detail and light sensitivity.
The full-featured AXIS P33 Series cameras are available in 3 mounts: indoor, indoor vandal-resistant and outdoor vandal-resistant.

AXIS P3301/P3304/-V options

The AXIS P3301/-V and AXIS P3304/-V were specially designed for indoor environments requiring unobtrusive and compact solutions. These models have smaller, less noticeable, indoor and indoor vandal-resistant domes. Both deliver superior image quality including progressive scan and wide dynamic range, providing crisp and clear images of both illuminated and low-light areas, but with fewer features.

The AXIS P3301/-V delivers VGA performance.
The AXIS P3304/-V provides enhanced HDTV 720p or 1 megapixel resolution at full frame rate.
Offering superior video quality in multiple, efficiently compressed H.264 streams, they are ideal for video surveillance systems with tough quality and efficiency requirements, e.g. in retail stores, schools, prisons, banks and airports.


The P33 Series offers high-performance video including HDTV quality and multiple H.264 video streams for monitoring and recording flexibility while conserving bandwidth.
Easy installation with remote focus and zoom for convenient installation, eliminating hands-on focusing at the camera. The “pixel counter” features ensure that the camera’s angle of view is optimized for the area to be monitored and delivers the required pixel resolution.
Outdoor-ready models can handle extreme temperatures.
Vandal-proof housings contribute to system reliability.

Contact Radius Vision and let us help you compare the various models in the AXIS P33 line of fixed dome surveillance cameras for indoor/outdoor use. Our years of experience help us bring a helpful and valuable perspective to your video security needs. We can help you choose the right cameras, options, and accessories.

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