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Our Video Verified Alarm System Stops Theft and Vandalism BEFORE it Happens!

100% Battery Powered and Wireless

  • Prevent crime 24/7 with a video verified alarm system
  • A verified video alarm is a PRIORITY ONE RESPONSE from the police, it is a verified “crime in progress”
  • NO false alarms
  • 100% wireless and battery powered, no wiring or AC power required
  • Easy to move system to another job site, different project location
  • Over 1 million installations worldwide

Videofied photo construction site

Always on Watch, Never Distracted, Never Asleep

Security guard services are only as reliable as the guard on duty, who can only be in one place at a time. Our system protects any or all areas 24/7/365 at a small fraction of the price of hiring a security guard. 

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