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About Q19 Series

About AXIS

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Q19 Thermal Fixed
About Q19 Series

  • Q1910-E 13mm, 17°
  • Q1921-E 10mm, 51°
  • Q1921-E 19mm, 28°
  • Q1921-E 35mm, 16°
  • Q1921-E 60mm, 9°
  • Q1922-E 10mm, 57°
  • Q1922-E 19mm, 32°
  • Q1922-E 35mm, 18°
  • Q1922-E 60mm, 10°
  • Q1931-E 7mm, 50°
  • Q1931-E 13mm, 28°
  • Q1931-E 35mm, 10°
  • Q1931-E 60mm, 6°

Q1922-E 60mm can detect humans at 5000’+ in zero light.

Q60 Series PTZ
About Q60 Series

  • Q6045-E
  • Q6045-C
  • Q6044-E
  • Q6044-C
  • Q6042-E
  • Q6042-C

Q6045-E can read license plates at 900′

P55 Series PTZ

About P55 Series

  • P5512-E

With low power requirement of 15.6 watts, the P5512-E is a good choice for Solar Powered projects

P54 Series PTZ
  • P5414-E
  • P5415-E
M50 Series PTZ
About M50 Series


  • M5013-E
  • M5014
  • M5014-E
Q87 Thermal PTZ
About Q87 Series

  • AXIS Q8721-E 60mm
  • AXIS Q8722-E 35mm
  • AXIS Q8722-E 60mm

Dual Head Thermal and Visual PTZ Cameras.

Detect humans up to 3000′ in zero light.

P13 Series Fixed
About P13 Series

  • P1357-E
  • P1355-E
  • P1354-E
  • P1353-E

P13 series are AXIS top of the line in fixed cameras, with lightfinder technology, P-Iris control and 3 year warranty.

Q16 Series Fixed
About Q16 Series

  • Q1602-E
  • Q1604-E
  • Q1614-E
Q17 Series Fixed
About Q17 Series

  • Q1755-E
  • Q1765-LE
M11 Series Fixed
  • M1113-E
  • M1114-E

Economy models, lower pricing and lower performance than P Series

P33 Series Domes
About P33 Series

  • P3384-VE
  • P3384-V
  • P3367-VE
  • P3367-E
  • P3367-VE
  • P3367-V
  • P3346-VE
  • P3346-V
  • P3346
  • P3364-LVE 12mm
  • P3364-LVE 6mm
  • P3364-LV 12mm
  • P3364-LV 6mm
  • P3364-VE 12mm
  • P3364-VE 6mm
  • P3364-V 12mm
  • P3364-V 6mm
31R Series Domes
  • M3113-R
  • M3114-R
M31 Series Domes
  • M3113-VE
  • M3114-VE

AXIS Q19 Thermal Cameras Continue to Monitor, Alert and Record When Visual Surveillance Cameras Go Dark

Choose AXIS Q19 Thermal Network Cameras when your video surveillance system must secure an area 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These cameras use thermal imaging, allowing users to detect people, objects, and incidents in complete darkness and under difficult conditions such as smoke, haze, dust and light fog.

Thermal cameras do not require a light source. Instead, they rely on thermal radiation emitted from every object with a temperature above zero degrees Kelvin. The hotter the object, the greater the radiation. The greater the temperature differences in a scene, the clearer the images thermal cameras will deliver.

Thermal cameras quickly and unmistakably detect threats occurring in their field of view. They are immune to most problems with light conditions, normal shadows, etc. – which makes them ideal for video analytics. They achieve higher accuracy than conventional cameras in most intelligent video applications. Thermal cameras are robust and cannot be disabled by strong lights or put out of order using laser pointers.


The 3 models in the AXIS Q19 Series are available in both indoor and outdoor-ready versions:

  • AXIS Q1910 is intended for indoor environments, AXIS Q1910-E is an out-of-the-box, outdoor-ready model designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, including a built-in heater for the window.
  • AXIS Q1921 is available for indoor environments, while AXIS Q1921-E is outdoor-ready. Both offer 384 by 288 pixel image quality with up to 30 frames-per-session from a wide range of available lenses.
  • AXIS Q1922 (indoor) and AXIS Q1922-E (outdoor) thermal imaging cameras offer enhanced VGA resolution (640 pixels by 480 pixels) making it an ideal choice for high security application requirements.


  • Thermal imaging for IP video surveillance protects in complete darkness as well as foggy, rainy, or smoky situations. Thermal cameras detect thermal radiation from people, even when they are obscured by complex backgrounds, or trying to hide in shadows.
  • AXIS Q19 thermal cameras complement, but do not replace, conventional cameras. They add another level of protection, detecting intruders under near-impossible conditions, but they do not provide identification-level quality.
  • AXIS Q19 Series thermal cameras accommodate different lens alternatives for different applications.
  • They include 2-way audio, which allow users to communicate with intruders and visitors.
  • Intelligent video capabilities permit automatic triggering of recording and notifying authorities.


You can add an AXIS YP3040 Pan-Tilt Motors to enhance the performance of Axis fixed network cameras, so you can make fine adjustments to a camera’s field of view as needed. Cameras connected to the Pan-Tilt Motor can be easily panned and tilted by operators.


Contact Radius Vision for help choosing quality indoor and outdoor video thermal cameras like the AXIS Q19 Series for perimeter surveillance. Our years of experience help us bring a helpful and valuable perspective to your video security needs.

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