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About Q60 Series

About AXIS

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Q60 Series PTZ
About Q60 Series

  • Q6045-E
  • Q6045-C
  • Q6044-E
  • Q6044-C
  • Q6042-E
  • Q6042-C

Q6045-E can read license plates at 900′

P55 Series PTZ

About P55 Series

  • P5512-E

With low power requirement of 15.6 watts, the P5512-E is a good choice for Solar Powered projects

P54 Series PTZ
  • P5414-E
  • P5415-E
M50 Series PTZ
About M50 Series


  • M5013-E
  • M5014
  • M5014-E
Q87 Thermal PTZ
About Q87 Series

  • AXIS Q8721-E 60mm
  • AXIS Q8722-E 35mm
  • AXIS Q8722-E 60mm

Dual Head Thermal and Visual PTZ Cameras.

Detect humans up to 3000′ in zero light.

Q19 Thermal Fixed
About Q19 Series

  • Q1910-E 13mm, 17°
  • Q1921-E 10mm, 51°
  • Q1921-E 19mm, 28°
  • Q1921-E 35mm, 16°
  • Q1921-E 60mm, 9°
  • Q1922-E 10mm, 57°
  • Q1922-E 19mm, 32°
  • Q1922-E 35mm, 18°
  • Q1922-E 60mm, 10°
  • Q1931-E 7mm, 50°
  • Q1931-E 13mm, 28°
  • Q1931-E 35mm, 10°
  • Q1931-E 60mm, 6°

Q1922-E 60mm can detect humans at 5000’+ in zero light.

P13 Series Fixed
About P13 Series

  • P1357-E
  • P1355-E
  • P1354-E
  • P1353-E

P13 series are AXIS top of the line in fixed cameras, with lightfinder technology, P-Iris control and 3 year warranty.

Q16 Series Fixed
About Q16 Series

  • Q1602-E
  • Q1604-E
  • Q1614-E
Q17 Series Fixed
About Q17 Series

  • Q1755-E
  • Q1765-LE
M11 Series Fixed
  • M1113-E
  • M1114-E

Economy models, lower pricing and lower performance than P Series

P33 Series Domes
About P33 Series

  • P3384-VE
  • P3384-V
  • P3367-VE
  • P3367-E
  • P3367-VE
  • P3367-V
  • P3346-VE
  • P3346-V
  • P3346
  • P3364-LVE 12mm
  • P3364-LVE 6mm
  • P3364-LV 12mm
  • P3364-LV 6mm
  • P3364-VE 12mm
  • P3364-VE 6mm
  • P3364-V 12mm
  • P3364-V 6mm
31R Series Domes
  • M3113-R
  • M3114-R
M31 Series Domes
  • M3113-VE
  • M3114-VE


Choose AXIS Q60 Series of Robust, High-Speed Dome Cameras for Demanding, Mission-Critical Indoor/Outdoor Surveillance Where Lives and Property Are at Stake

When only the best will do, choose AXIS Q60 dome cameras for the most demanding video surveillance applications…where coverage must immediately switch from area monitoring to detailed, identification-quality images captured with outstanding clarity and sharpness.

AXIS Q60 cameras deliver outstanding, full frame rate video in resolutions up to HDTV 1080 pixel quality. With powerful zoom and high-speed, precise pan/tilt/zoom capabilities, these indoor and outdoor-ready pan/tilt/zoom domes enable exceptional coverage of large areas combined with exceptional detail when zooming in.

With quick and reliable installation and video management features, AXIS’s Q60 cameras are ideal for airports, seaports, stadiums, as well as city and perimeter surveillance.

Many options are available, including models with active cooling. Active cooling uses space–age materials to permit safe camera operation in outdoor temperatures up to 75 degrees Celsius (165-degrees Fahrenheit). These make the Q60s perfect for mission-critical applications in extremely hot and harsh outdoor environments.


The AXIS Q60 Series includes three models. Each model in the Q60 series is available in indoor, outdoor, and Active Cooling versions. Model numbers ending in –E indicate an outdoor model. Model numbers ending in –C indicate outdoor models with Active Cooling.

  • AXIS Q6042-E. The Q6032 uses a 35-times optical zoom lens ranging from a broad area to a very detailed view of a small area.
  • AXIS Q6044-E. The Q6034 offers an 18-times optical zoom lens to deliver HDTV quality resolution at 1280 by 720 image size.
  • AXIS Q6045-E. The Q6035 uses a 20-times optical zoom lens to deliver HDTV quality resolution at 1920 by 1080 image.


  • 18, 20, and 36-times zoom lenses and fast, precise pan/shift/tilt ability to quickly shift from broad overall views to sharp, detailed close-ups displayed in screen-filling HDTV quality.
  • Wide range monitoring and recording, day or night.
  • Intelligent features like Autotracking and Advanced Gatekeeper to enable cameras to automatically move to a preset position when motion is detected in pre-defined areas.
  • Outdoor-ready models with Arctic Temperature Control and optional Active Cooling for temperature extremes.
  • Intelligent features like sound and motion-sensing triggers and programmable alerts that upload recordings and send email alerts. Autotracking, in unmanned situations, allows cameras to continue following moving objects that triggered alerts in selected areas.


Contact Radius Vision for help choosing quality indoor/outdoor video perimeter surveillance cameras like the AXIS Q60 Series. Our years of experience help us bring a helpful and valuable perspective to your video security needs.

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