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Robotic Aerial Security

Nightingale Drone Security

The autonomous Robotic Aerial Security (RAS) service offers numerous innovative, capability expanding use cases and applications for various industries including: Oil and Gas, Critical Infrastructure, Data Centers, Corporate Facilities, Power Plants, Manufacturing Facilities, Border Patrol, Search and Rescue, amongst others. If you have something to secure, our Robotic Aerial Security service can do it cheaper, faster and better than your current solution.

  • When there’s an alarm, the system automatically dispatches a drone to the location
  • Live streams video to the security team
  • Manually dispatch a drone to monitor current events
  • Deployed at strategic locations, the rugged, weatherproof base stations contain networked computers that share critical flight information

The patented software was developed by specialists from SpaceX, NASA and Willow Garage. The end-to-end system provides Autonomous Remote Operations (ARO) so no human intervention is needed to maintain operational continuity 24/7. Multi-drone squadron operation is powered by algorithmic task assignment and cooperation combined with proprietary Relay-toDrone-to-Drone (R2D2D) capabilities.

  • Designed specifically for security applications
  • Stationed onsite for rapid response to alarm events
  • Autonomous takeoff, patrol, landing and recharging
  • Access Mission Control app from PC and mobile devices
  • Stream live video feeds to multiple users simultaneously
  • Retrieve data and video 24/7 from our secure data storage

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