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Satellite Communications Systems for Remote Locations

Hughes 9502 One-Piece BGAN Starting at $1,895

  • High-speed, real-time Ethernet port to the Internet
  • Always live 24 hours a day 7 days a week from most locations on the globe
  • Operates in extreme hot or cold temperatures -40°F to 167°F (-40° to 75° C) using only 4 watts
  • Ideal for low-bandwidth remote communication (2 to 50 Megabytes per month)
  • Does not require a laptop, or certified technician to install at remote locations

Hughes Low-Profile BGAN LPB Starting at $4,995

  • Auto-connects to the Internet (after pointing). Easy to install and use by anyone
  • Always-On network connection, for any kind of remote equipment
  • Ideal for remote equipment that needs real-time monitoring and control 24 x 7
  • Military grade environmental and ingress protection (IP 67)
  • Operates on 4 watts of power… excellent for extending battery life
  • The data connection is open, and stays alive. No wake-up operation needed
  • Global Coverage – Equipment can be located anywhere without notification to Ground Control
  • Outdoor all-weather use
  • Operates in +-40° F to +167° F degrees (-40° to +75° C)
  • Activate, Deactivate, Reboot using SMS control

Toughsat Flyaway Portable VSAT Starting at $22,749

  • Mounts on ground, on top of a vehicle, truck, trailer, or even transported in the back of an SUV
  • Multi-functional stabilization brackets work for both ground mounting and roof-rack
  • Impervious to weather – secure it to any mobile surface
  • Total location flexibility, and since it’s a Toughsat, it can be operated by one person with one button connectivity

MCD-4800 “The Football” – Portable, Global, Satellite Internet Hotspot

  • No pointing or aiming …simply turn it on under an open sky on land or at sea
  • Connects automatically with any BGAN satellites for near 100% global service
  • High speeds of 464 Kbps down by 448 Kbps up
  • Establishes AP “Hotspot” automatically
  • Ruggedized. Operates in extreme conditions
  • WaterProof – Rated at IP67 (May be immersed in water up to 1 meter)
  • WiFi Range up to 100 meters (328 feet)
  • Up to 5 hour battery life (rechargeable) for normal use
  • Operates from -25° C to +70° C (-13° F to 158° F) operating temperatures
  • Optional 80 watt foldable solar panel available, increases runtime, or recharge

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