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Solar Surveillance Trailer

A Tough, Durable
Solar-Powered Wireless Camera System

The Solar Surveillance Trailer offers:

  • Self-contained and self-sufficient solar power system
  • Standard 21-foot telescoping camera mast
  • Durable construction of heavy-gauge steel
  • Modular options for complete flexibility
  • Made in the USA

The Solar Surveillance Advantage

Deterring Visual Presence

Just seeing a mobile security system on a job site can keep criminals away. The Solar Surveillance Trailer adds a significant presence with its rugged appearance, tough construction and ideally sized footprint.

Reliable Solar Power

The Solar Surveillance Trailer was designed to operate a 400W array without hassle in nearly any field application. You won’t have to worry about your security equipment powering down due to a lack of energy. The trailer carries one of the largest solar arrays available in a portable system and can be expanded up to 1600W.

Bird’s Eye View Via Camera Mast with Versatile Cable

The trailer’s 21-foot camera mast is easy to set up quickly. Add a 4-foot head-end extension or a larger mast if your application demands it. Protected CAT5e cable and 18-2 power cable run up the mast to power equipment at the top.

Stability in Windy Conditions

The stable base of the Solar Surveillance Trailer virtually eliminates shaking from high winds that can impact your images or analytics software. No more false alarms from a swaying camera. Quick clip stabilizing guy lines can improve stability as needed.

Tough Construction that Goes Anywhere

Take the Solar Surveillance Trailer anywhere your truck can go. The 2,000-lb., half axle trailer suspension keeps the overall deck height lower than conventional axles while allowing for greater ground clearance. Heavy-duty jacks on each corner permit quick stabilization. Off-road tires come standard. If desired, you can add slide-out extensions to create a larger footprint.

Flexible Options to Customize Your Trailer

Whatever your application calls for, the Solar Surveillance Trailer can be configured to meet the challenge. Whether you need a few fixed-lens IP cameras or larger PTZ cameras with two-way audio, siren and floodlight, you can make it happen. Need more power? Add a gas or diesel generator to back up the solar array. Remote system monitoring and many other options can be added to the trailer so it can meet all your job site requirements.

Cost Effective and Made in the USA

The Solar Surveillance Trailer was designed and is manufactured in the USA by Vorp Energy. Turn-around time is quick due to short lead times. Plus, the units can be configured for almost any budget. 


With its small footprint and versatility, a Solar Trailer can be used in multiple commercial applications. Solar technology can power the latest surveillance equipment so you can capture live HD video or time-lapse video along with surveillance analytics to provide security and property

With its durability and flexibility, the Solar Trailer can be deployed almost anywhere and set up to meet very specific needs. Prevent theft or vandalism in a variety of job sites, including:

  • DOT or other government. Monitor road work and review emergency scenes.
  • Events / Parking Lots. Protect property and reduce liabilities.
  • Gas & Oil Fields. Secure assets and add thermal imaging to reduce fire danger.

Choose The Options To Fit Your Site:

Camera Types

From High Definition to Pan-Tilt-Zoom to Thermal Imaging RadiusVision can build the right setup for your needs.

Communication Systems

Whether you need 4G/LTE Cellular, Point-to-Point Wireless, Satellite or you need a Manual setup, we can accommodate.

Central Station and System Health Monitoring Service

When your security system detects an intrusion at your property, our 24/7/365 central station monitoring service confirms with live cameras what is happening in real time and if action is required.

Many More Options and Accessories

The available add-ons will make your setup cost-effective and convenient. RadiusVision can outfit your units with LED Lighting, Storage Systems, Sensors, Entrance Controls, Loudspeakers & Sirens and Strobes.

If your needs go beyond battery systems we can even provide Thermoelectric Generator and Fuel Cell Powered units.

Talk to our sales team about getting your Solar Surveillance Trailers set up with the wireless cameras and other security equipment that will ensure safety for people and property in your application.

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