Radar combined with thermal pan-tilt-zoom cameras that slew to the location of the radar detected intrusion should be considered as a solution for an off-grid solar powered perimeter and intrusion detection system.

In general, radar is best suited for large, undeveloped outdoor areas, with few or no obstructions.

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Ground based radar offers several advantages over typical intrusion sensors such as photoelectric beams, passive infrared motion sensors, thermal or visual cameras using video analytics.

  • Instead of detecting intrusions with relatively narrow beams or video analytics, radar typically covers a relatively large area.
  • Radar is more reliable than other sensor types that can be adversely affected by fog, rain, snow, dust or other environmental forces.




The power requirements for the radar system and thermal PTZ cameras is relatively low, making solar electric power a practical power source.

Communications can be via point-to-point wireless, 4G/LTE or satellite based.

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