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Describe Your Project and Requirements for a Cloud Based Camera System

Please provide as much information about your project as possible. The more info that you provide, the better our recommendations will be.
  • What is the purpose of this video system? Where will cameras be located, what will they be viewing? How many days, weeks or months of stored images and video clips do you require? Describe your situation, your concerns and expectations.
  • The more visual info that you provide, the better our recommendations will be.
  • If high speed internet is available, can the cameras be connected to this internet connection with cat 5/6 cable? If you can't connect cameras to internet connection via cat 5/6 cabling, use point-to-point wireless between cameras and internet connection. Does each camera have "clear line of sight" to the building that has the internet service? Please describe.
  • If you don't have high speed internet service at this location you will probably use 4G/LTE cellular to access the camera system. If you have multiple cameras, you may want a local wireless network to connect these cameras to the cellular service. Please describe.
  • Cameras require light in order to operate. Do you expect cameras to operate at night time? Is there existing lighting? If not, we can provide cameras with built in IR lighting for short distances (up to 100') or add separate LED lighting for longer distances (up to 1000')
  • Are you interested in any of the following options?

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Video Analytics


LED Lighting


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