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You may have noticed new emails showing up over the past few weeks. I’m hoping you appreciate the additional information they contain. With a goal of informing you about important messages from your Videofied security system and to reduce confusion I implemented an automated email for Opening/Closing, Low Battery, RF Supervisory, and Missed Timer Test. These emails are sent out in real time, as the signals are received, so you get them as soon as they occur. Accompanying the message is a definition of what the signal means and in the case of troubles and low battery signals some suggestions on how to further troubleshoot or resolve the issue.

I hope this improvement in communications will help to reduce down time due to dead batteries, resulting in your site not being protected!

When replacing batteries in cameras (4 AA), the prox tag reader (3 AA), keypad (3 AA) or main control panel (4 D) always use SAFT brand 3.6 volt primary lithium-thionyl chloride (Li- SOCl2) high energy density batteries. You can source them yourself or call RadiusVision to order replacements.

The siren/strobe uses D size 1.5 volt alkaline batteries that you can purchase anywhere.

Emergency Tip: If you find yourself with a dead main control panel and no replacement D SAFT batteries, you can temporarily replace them with four D size 1.5 volt alkaline batteries!

This will buy you three weeks to get the SAFT replacements and save you from a dead system. This tip will ONLY work with the main control panel and will NOT work with cameras, the prox tag reader or the keypad. After replacing the batteries in the main panel, take a look at the keypad display to see if the date and time need to be corrected. Here are the steps to correct the date and time:

Press the right arrow to go to Access Level then press OK followed by the right arrow key until it says Level : 3 then press OK followed by your 4-digit code and finally OK.

Now press the right arrow key and it should take you to Maintenance, press OK and you should be at Modify Date / Time. Press OK and it should say Setting: Auto. Press the right arrow key and it will change to Setting: Manual. Press OK and you will be at the Date Year.

Using the right arrow key change the pre-populated numbers to the correct date followed by OK for the Year, Month, Day, Hour and finally Minutes. (hours are in military format) After the last entry the display with briefly show the new date and time: 02/10/19 13:51 with Entry Complete then change to Modify Date / Time.

The last thing is to change from Manual to Auto: Press OK at the Modify Date / Time display, the display will say Setting: Manual. Press the right arrow so it says Auto then press OK, the display will say Timezone: UTC-XX where -XX = the universal time zone. -08 =Pacific US/Can or Baja CA; 07 = Arizona or Mountain Mexico or Mountain; 06 = Central America or Central US/Can or Central Mexico or Saskatchewan; 05 = SA Pacific or Eastern US/Can or US Eastern. Using the left or right arrow keys make the correct UTC -XX timezone then press OK and select the US/Can timezone for your location. After the last selection the keypad returns to Modify Date/Time. Press and HOLD the ESC NO key for 5 seconds and you will return to Date, Time, Disarmed Level:3 window. You are done.

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