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If your Videofied system is the older 2G/3G panel and it is wired to power and broadband, then it has been programmed to alternate the daily timer test report – one day using the cellular pathway and the next day using the Ethernet broadband pathway. If one of the communication pathways is down, you will develop a pattern of a missed timer test email and phone call every other day.

What should you do? Check the cellular pathway first: Using the alpha keypad, go to the Maintenance menu and find 2G3G Level and press OK to test the cellular pathway. Within 60 seconds you should get a cellular signal strength of 2/5, 3/5, 4/5 or 5/5 for a functioning cellular pathway. If you get an error code, call my cell phone for further troubleshooting. With the 3G cellular sunset looming your cell tower may have shut down the 3G equipment.

If the cellular pathway is functioning, check the Ethernet connection: Using the alpha keypad, go to the Maintenance menu and find ETH Status and press OK. It should display a LAN IP address indicating it is properly connected to your local network and has been assigned a DHCP IP address. If you see, then the panel is not connected to your network. Call my cell phone for further troubleshooting: 206-300-9954.

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