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If your Videofied system is wired to power and broadband, then it has been programmed to alternate the daily timer test report – one day using the cellular pathway and the next day using the Ethernet broadband pathway. If one of the communication pathways is down, you will develop a pattern of a missed timer test email and phone call every other day.

What should you do? Check the cellular pathway first: Using the alpha keypad, go to the Maintenance menu and find 2G3G Level and press OK to test the cellular pathway. Within 60 seconds you should get a cellular signal strength of 2/5, 3/5, 4/5 or 5/5 for a functioning cellular pathway. If you get an error code, call my cell phone for further troubleshooting.

If the cellular pathway is functioning, check the Ethernet connection: Using the alpha keypad, go to the Maintenance menu and find ETH Status and press OK. It should display a LAN IP address indicating it is properly connected to your local network and has been assigned a DHCP IP address. If you see, then the panel is not connected to your network. Call my cell phone for further troubleshooting: 206-300-9954.

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