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If you ever want to arm your system with a camera turned off here is how to do it.

With the system disarmed, press and hold the #2 key (labeled Bypass) until it says Badge Or Code then enter your 4-digit code and press OK or present your prox tag to the reader. The keypad will read 03:Cam 1 Not Bypassed. Use the arrow keys to locate the camera you want to bypass and then press OK to bypass that camera. If you want another camera bypassed press the arrow keys to locate the next camera. When done, press the ESC/NO key. At this point selected devices will be bypassed on the next arming. If the system is not armed in the next 24 hours the devices will return to Not Bypassed automatically. After arming, the keypad will read Arming Bypass Away. At the next disarm the bypass will automatically return to Not Bypassed.

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