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For those of you who have the outdoor siren/strobe I would like to pass along a mounting tip that could save you from having to purchase a replacement siren/strobe.

Of the four screw holes located on the mounting base, the lower left hole has a dual function that you need to be aware of. Placing a screw in this hole also anchors the anti-pry tamper function which triggers a tamper alarm if the siren/strobe is forcefully pried from the surface on which it is mounted. If that happens, the tab breaks free from the base activating the tamper, triggering an alarm resulting in a police dispatch to a “Siren/Strobe Tamper”. Once this tab is broken the entire siren/strobe will need to be replaced.

When installing the anchor screw in this hole, do not over-tighten the screw! If the surface behind this screw is uneven you can pre-fracture the break-away tab or sever it completely causing a permanent tamper which can’t be repaired. My advice is to set the screw slightly loose or barely snug so the break-away tab is not under any stress.

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