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Exacq Software Updates

Update your Exacq software to the most current version

Enhance the features of your exacqVision system with unlimited software updates. Purchase updates for one or more years to receive instant access to all exacqVision software updates releases during that period.

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Exacq Software Updates

    Enhance the features of your exacqVision system by upgrading to the current version of exacqVision software. You can also purchase annual software update plans to continue receiving updates after upgrading to the current version.

A Software Subscription Agreement enables you to install software updates after the initial purchase SSA period has ended.
A SSA is not required for continued exacqVision operation.
An SSA enables you to frequently increase the functionality of your VMS solution without purchasing new hardware. Update to the newest version of exacqVision to view video from the latest IP cameras, get the highest performance from your existing hardware, or add many new functions.
Here is a partial list of features added in the last 3 years of rapidly evolving exacqVision software:

  • Thousands of IP camera models including panoramic, high megapixel, and multi-imager
  • Analytic integrations like LPR, VCA and retail data analytics
  • Over 15 new access control system integrations
  • Multi-streaming video to optimize storage requirements, network traffic and video display
  • SpeedSearch and Thumbnail search for fast visual video searching
  • Two-way audio for real-time monitoring and interaction
  • Archiving for high reliability backup
  • Extended storage to expand your NVR’s video storage capacity
  • Hardware health monitoring to maximize NVR uptime
  • Enterprise server management to easily administer hundreds or thousands of servers
  • EasyConnect to find, assign and address certain IP cameras automatically
  • VideoPush to instantly push selected cameras, layouts, tours, groups or entire views to another exacqVision client monitor
  • Enhanced client performance by leveraging hardware H.264 decoding if present
  • CameraLinks for improved response time to critical alarms and events
  • Setup indicators to guide installers through configuration changes to optimize an exacqVision installation

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