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Mobotix MxActivity Sensor

MxActivitySensor Integrated Motion Analysis is Embedded into Every Mobotix Camera

MxActivitySensor is a software-based, professional analysis tool for detecting movement of people and objects in an image area (full image or custom-defined area).

MxActivitySensor delivers reliable results even in applications with large amounts of external interference, in contrast to video motion detection that continues to be available and that registers all image changes in defined video motion windows. The camera distinguishes between movements of vehicles, people or objects that trigger an alarm and movements that are not relevant for alarms, such as changes in illumination, heavy rain or objects or trees swaying in the wind.

  • Detect the movement of people and objects, filter according to directions of movement
  • Filter out background motion like trees and bushes swaying in the wind, rain and snow.
  • Easy set up and configuration
  • Reliable results, even in the event of external interference
  • Can be used in conduction with Video Motions Detection boxes
Mobotix motion-zone event triggering is unusually sophisticated

Each zone is defined in terms of x/y position, size, sensitivity, area of required change, and left or right sensor (in case of dual-sensor cameras). These zones can be as large as the entire field of view or as small as just a couple of pixels, and can be freely overlapped. Zone locations and parameters can be entered using text editing or a mouse cursor. Reference zones can also be entered which can be used to minimize or prevent false alarms caused by, for example, sudden changes in overall ambient light, changes in multiple motion zones cause by close-up or large objects, etc. This flexibility in zone size, position, and sensitivity allows the user to create a set of motion detection zones that, for example, trigger on far-away objects while ignoring close ones (or vice-versa) or trigger only certain zones at certain times of day or night. Rules may be defined between video motion detection zones that filter for direction of travel or speed of moving objects. The Mobotix system offers countless possibilities to create an extremely effective video motion detection system.


Mobotix cameras can often operate in very low light conditions without the need for adding infrared light. MxLEO software dramatically improves the ability of Mobotix cameras to deliver images in extremely low light conditions. A Mobotix camera equipped with MxLEO outperforms the human eye by a large factor. Due to the ability of MxLEO to gather light under very dark night time conditions motion blur is significantly reduced. The new hardware-based noise filter also minimizes image noise, thus allowing for shorter exposure times and sharper images. Depending on the operating environment, it is now possible to select whether the automatic exposure is set to extend the calculated exposure time, to create night recordings rich in contrast, or whether to shorten it in order to create sharp images of especially fast movements. Note: If cameras must operate in ZERO LIGHT conditions you will need to add infrared or white lighting.

The images below may look really bad to you. You might be wondering why would we show such poor quality images? The reason is that the human eye could not see anything at all under these lighting conditions. We did this night time test in a hay field near Camas, WA on a very dark winter night. Red arrows in top left indicate direction of travel of detected object, this motion detection feature of MxActivity Sensor filters out all other external events like rain and blowing trees, reducing nuisance alarms. MxLEO_almost_zero_light
Using high-speed DSP processors running in an embedded Linux environment allows Mobotix to deliver simultaneous video streams that deliver:

  • Multiple resolutions
  • Email alerts with embedded video and audio
  • Pixel-based motion zones with variable parameters
  • Edge-based recording to SD card
  • Direct recording to local and remote NAS
  • Programmable soft keys text overlay
  • Http API

Each Mobotix camera includes a full-fledged recording and playback environment built into its Graphic User Interface (GUI). The camera can even be configured to act as a master to one or more additional cameras in the local-area network, and is capable of syncing and playing back up to four cameras within its GUI. A complete suite of remote recording and image and stream-forwarding capabilities is also supported. Each camera can directly remote-mount a Network Attached Storage (NAS) RAID device using the CIFS/SMB (Windows) or NFS (Linux) protocols. Multiple types of FTP uploads are supported, including “streaming FTP” which continuously uploads one frame-per-second for use with web-cam applications. For web programmers there is also a JScript class available, which allows easy display of multiple full-motion Mobotix cams on one web page. In addition to their extensive video capabilities, Mobotix cameras feature user-programmable input / output Boolean logic that can be set to, for example, activate a switch-closure when a motion-zone event takes place during a certain time period, or when the temperature or ambient light drops above or below a certain adjustable threshold. Events can also be defined as consisting of a combination of motion zones plus one or two external or internal triggers including time-of-day cron-jobs, external contact closures, ambient noise, and so forth.

Mobotix cameras have the ability to record and playback both pre-recorded and custom audio snippets. For example, rather than just using the built-in library of sounds, which include alarms, ringtones, and camera status, you can record announcements, warning messages, and siren or alarm sounds into camera memory, and have those playback through the built-in speakers in the camera, or through an external amplifier module, in response to internal or event triggers. Mobotix cameras also support VOIP / SIP functionality and can be programmed to act as a standard SIP phone from, for example, a handheld device such as an iPhone or Android smartphone or tablet. Mobotix also supplies two internally developed VMS packages that are available free-of-charge to Mobotix end-users. These include MxEasy, a lightweight and simple to install Windows client for use with up to 16 cameras, and the sophisticated fully functional package MX Control Center (MxCC). MxCC supports all standard VMS functions and a number of unique features such as camera setting push to multiple cameras and pop-up operator alerts triggered by HTML push events originating within the camera. The MxCC client is fully independent of the recording process – it can be installed on one or more workstations either locally or thousands of miles away from the cameras, and can be opened or terminated without affecting the direct recording process that takes place between each camera and its local or remote NAS or flash storage. Mobotix cameras are supported by many third-party Video Management Software (VMS) packages including industry leader Milestone.

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