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SD Cards and Solid State Drives

Most autonomous live camera systems require a video management system (VMS) and storage on-board the camera. Mobotix and AXIS cameras meet these requirements.
Mobotix cameras include an embedded VMS. For storage, Mobotix cameras support up to 256GB SD cards.
AXIS cameras do not include a full featured VMS, however, AXIS is one of a few manufacturers that is supported by Exacq Edge VMS, which can run on a 64GB SD card, on-board an AXIS camera.

SD Cards, up to 256GB

SD Cards installed on-board a camera are often the most effective way to store video. Cost is minimal, no additional infrastructure is required.

Solid State Drives (SSD), up to 2TB

Solid State Drives offer more capacity that SD cards.
Another option to consider for a stand-alone camera system is to run a VMS and storage on an embedded fanless industrial computer with a solid state drive (SSD).

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