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Radar Based Intrusion Detection Systems


Ground Radar – CK Series

Perfect for smaller sites such as substations in urban or suburban environments, our CK-Series radars run on the 24GHz band, which means no headaches or hassle with acquiring spectrum licenses. Combine that with the small form factor, low power draw, and quick install time, our CK-Series radars can cover your site in high heat, fog, rain, or snow.


Ground Radar – C Series

C-series radars are currently installed on every inhabited continent. In fact, one of the main reasons our customers choose us over the competition is because our radars perform reliably well in any environment and weather condition they’re used in.

It’s also so small it can be installed on nearly any existing infrastructure and setup time is a matter of minutes instead of hours or days. The wider vertical field of view of the C-series makes it easier to acquire and track potential threats on rugged, uneven terrain.

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