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If you get an email notice or a phone call of a Missed Timer Test, your head-end control panel might be dead, rendering the site unprotected!

I program all systems to send a daily timer test at 2:15 am. When the central station has not received this signal by 3:15 am it reports a missed timer test and the automated email system sends out the missed timer test email notice to everybody listed. The central station is instructed to back that up with a phone call after 8:00 am to ensure you are aware of the possibly critical situation.

What should you do? Check the alpha keypad first, if it is showing the date, time and the current armed status of the system then the panel is not dead however, more than likely it will show XXX indicating the keypad does not “see” the head-end panel because the panel is dead. If you don’t have 4 SAFT brand D size 3.6 volt replacement batteries you can temporarily purchase and use 4 D size 1.5 volt Alkaline batteries which will run the head-end for 3 to 4 weeks until you can replace them with the SAFT batteries. Don’t forget to adjust the date and time afterward. Refer to Tech Talk #1 for step by step instructions on setting the date and time.

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