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Video clip emails are not stopped when your account is placed on test. So, if the Videofied system is armed and a camera is triggered you will still receive the video clip email. If you have ever placed your account on test and then armed it to test your site, you may have noticed missing video clips from cameras that were triggered. Is something wrong with the system? Not at all.

With the account on test and therefore unmanned the central station software can only download and email the first video that comes in, and it does this automatically. Videos from other cameras that were also triggered are held, waiting for a dispatcher’s input to download the clip. With no dispatcher actively accessing the account, those video clips will not be downloaded or emailed out and after about 4 minutes of inactivity the Videofied system disconnects from the central station server. A subsequent camera trigger will repeat the above sequence and again only one video clip will be downloaded and emailed out.

To be clear, this only happens when the account is on test. When the account is off test and “normal”, a dispatcher is alerted to the account and downloads each video that comes in. All downloaded videos are automatically emailed out by the automated email system.

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