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Built into each Videofied camera is an accelerometer which monitors the position of the camera, similar to what we have in our smartphones. If a camera were to be moved by an intruder or strong winds or struck by a falling tree branch enough to cause it to alter its position, the tamper feature will be triggered, a signal will be sent to the central station and if the site is armed when this happens we will dispatch the police – on the assumption the camera is being moved to defeat the security of your site. If this were to happen with the site disarmed, we would call the contact list to inform you so you can put eyes on the camera to rule out someone moving a camera, possibly planning a break-in that night.

To avoid a false tamper signal, mount your cameras as solid as possible. Attach the knuckle mount hardware to the camera and base mount snugly so they don’t unscrew and be sure the base is secured well to the mounting surface to reduce any movement.

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