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Smartphone Access to Videofied

Did you know your existing system can be connected to broadband and AC power? Most site deployments are done 100% wireless and on battery power, however you can optionally connect your head-end control communicator to power and broadband (Internet service) to add a redundant (slightly faster) communication pathway to the central station and remote smartphone control of your site!

If having remote smartphone control of your system is desired, order the AC power conversion package (PP-4) which comes with a plug-in power converter and four Alkaline 1.5-volt batteries and then schedule two hours of paid technical telephone support time with me for the programming
changes and website setup that are required to add this feature. You will also need to run two low voltage wires (Cat5e and 18-2 stranded) from the head-end control communicator to the nearest 120-volt AC power outlet (must be in a dry location) and to your nearest network switch or router.

Download the VA4All App from the app store and after we get everything programmed and installed you will have the ability to arm, disarm, and take snapshots from each camera via your Android or iPhone!

If you are ordering a completely new system and have AC power and broadband on the site, be sure to let me know at the time of the order. I will pre-wire the head-end with your specified length of Cat5e and 18-2 stranded wire and do all the required programming and website setup so it will ship
to you “plug and play” ready to deploy with VA4All smartphone access.

Have a technical Videofied question? Email, text or call 206-300-9954.


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