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 You May Have Another Option with RadiusVision.

If you have the older 3G cellular panel and are facing a mandatory upgrade to 4G due to the 3G sunset, you may be able to take advantage of another option not offered by other companies.

If your site has AC power and broadband your older 3G system can be wired to broadband and AC power to utilize the onboard RJ45 port to connect to your switch, router, or modem to communicate to the central station without using cellular!

Most site deployments are done 100% wireless and on battery power, however you can optionally connect your head-end control communicator to power and broadband (Internet service) to add a redundant (slightly faster) communication pathway to the central station and when the upcoming 3G sunset shut down happens to your local cell tower, your system will continue to communicate via the wired pathway indefinitely.

If you do decide to go this route it will eventually end up being the ONLY pathway to the central station, so be sure to get UPS backups on your broadband router, switch, and modem so if your site loses AC power the Internet communications will remain working!

If this is an option for your site and you want to take advantage of it, order the AC power conversion package (PP – 4) which comes with a plug-in power converter and four Alkaline 1.5 volt batteries and then schedule 1.5 hours of paid technical telephone support time with me for the programming and setup that are required to switch to this feature. You will need to run two low voltage wires (Cat5e and 18-2 stranded) from the head-end control communicator to the nearest 120-volt AC power outlet (must be in a dry location) and to your nearest network switch or router. Additionally, these wires would be vulnerable to sabotage so use common sense methods to protect and hide them from malicious attack which would cut the communications to the central station, stopping the system from protecting your site!

Not all sites can take advantage of this 3G panel upgrade option but if your site can, RadiusVision gives you a lower cost alternative to a 4G upgrade other companies won’t talk about!

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