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Turning off the central station communicator is required when shutting down a system to suspend the monitoring billing.

Here are the steps:

  1. Wake up the keypad, then press the right arrow and go to Access Level 1.
  2. Press OK, then press the right arrow until it says Access Level: 4 then press OK and enter 9747 then OK.
  3. Press the right arrow key to go to Configuration and press OK to go to General Parameters.
  4. Left arrow to Central Station Configuration then press OK to go to Frontel Security Parameters then press OK to go to Frontel Security Enabled.
  5. Press OK again and the display will say Frontel Security: Enabled.
  6. Press the right arrow to change it to Frontel Security: Disabled, then press OK and it will say Frontel Security Disabled (the colon disappears).
  7. The central station communicator is now disabled.
  8. Press and hold (for 5 seconds) the ESC/NO key to go all the way back to the Date, Time, Disarmed window and you are done.

Follow the same steps to turn the central station communicator back on to Enabled.

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