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The nominal RF range that I have experienced for the vast majority of Videofied system deployments is 400 to 800 feet but as we all know actual RF range varies due to influences such as conflicting radio frequencies, terrain, man made obstructions, metal objects, trees, and the list goes on. My best was 1,300 feet line of site and my worst was 200 feet due to extreme RF interference at that site. The Videofied system communicates bi-directional with all devices on a 900 MHz frequency using a 25-channel spread spectrum, AES encrypted military grade radio.

To get the best RF coverage start by erecting a mounting mast for the Videofied head-end system. The mast should project five feet above the job trailer roof with the Videofied control/communicator head-end mounted at the top. This can be constructed easily using Unistrut, 1 ½” EMT conduit straps and a 10 foot stick of 1 ½”  EMT conduit fastened to the side of the job trailer. The Videofied panel comes with a double U bolt polycarbonate mount that bolts solidly to the EMT conduit in a matter of minutes.

Since most job trailers are located out of the way on the peripheral edge of a project, you may need to consider placing the head-end out into the project area for the best overall RF coverage in situations where your farthest camera is over 800 feet from the job trailer.

The good news with Videofied is you’re not left wondering if it’s going to work. With the system being 100% wireless, take a camera along with the keypad out to the proposed camera location and Range Test it. If it tests 9/9 then you’re good. Mount it and move on to the next camera. If it hovers at 8/9 or lower move it a few feet one way or the other, sometimes that’s all it takes to find the “sweet spot” or you might have to rotate the head-end panel so the large flat side faces the camera for the best antenna exposure. We need 9/9 for flawless performance.

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