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It’s a good idea to occasionally test the siren/strobe to ensure it is working. The following test WILL NOT send a signal to the central station, so you do not have to contact them before performing this test. Should this test fail to activate the siren/strobe it could be that the batteries need replacing OR the siren/strobe is too far away from the head end control panel and did not receive the command. Try Range Test to test the RF signal strength of the siren/strobe. If it says Radio Problem, move the siren/strobe closer to the head end and trigger the tamper (open and close the cover) to get it to reconnect. If you need new batteries, purchase (3) D size 1.5 volt Alkaline batteries.

To perform the test, go to the Maintenance menu, press the right or left arrow key and stop at Audio Test Devices. Press OK and it will say Keypad 1. Press the left arrow key stopping at the siren. Pressing OK will trigger the siren/strobe, pressing OK again will stop it. Press the ESC/NO key repeatedly or press and hold it for 5 seconds to get back to the date, time, disarmed window.

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