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You can place your system into a “Walk Test” mode to see the detection coverage of each camera. By going into Maintenance Mode then using the right arrow key, stop at Functional Test Devices and press OK. This sends a signal to ALL cameras turning on the walk test feature of the PIR detector. Walking in front of each camera, the red LED in each camera will turn on indicating detection of your movement and the recording of a video clip if the system were really armed. This gives you assurance that each camera is properly covering and detecting your movement in the areas you are trying to protect. When finished walk testing all cameras, press OK to exit that test. To exit all the way out, press and hold the ESC/No key. Note: the red LED in the camera will not turn on for detected motion unless it is in the walk test mode.

This test should be run any time you set up or move a camera to ensure you have the area you are intending properly covered. Remember, each camera covers a 90-degree area and can detect a single human moving target up to 50 feet away.

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